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    You may not believe that more than half of the world’s sites are WordPress! In our country, more than 70% of the sites have been launched with the popular WordPress site builder. This means that WordPress is one of the most popular platforms in the web world. Probably you, who are reading this article, have a WordPress site and are looking to choose the best WordPress hosting.

    The fact is that WordPress hosts are optimized exactly for WordPress websites. That is, there are a number of special configurations on these hosts that increase the speed and power of WordPress sites. Although you can host your WordPress site on a normal Linux host without any problems, but when there is a dedicated WordPress host, why use non-WordPress hosts?

    What is more important than doing our best to find a good and reliable host for your WordPress website? You have come to the right place! In this article, we are going to compare a number of WordPress hosting companies and introduce you to the best WordPress hosting. If you want to host your site on a professional and high-speed WordPress host, be sure to stay with me until the end of this article.

    What is WordPress hosting and why should we use it?
    WordPress hosting is made for WordPress sites, that is, it is specifically for WordPress. Of course, WordPress hosts have the same operating system as Linux, but they are slightly different from regular hosts. In general, the difference between Linux hosting and WordPress hosting is that a series of restrictions have been removed on WordPress sites, which has increased productivity for WordPress websites.

    For example, as you know, many plugins are installed on WordPress websites, that’s why many times WordPress websites that are hosted on regular Linux hosts have problems such as slowness of the site, errors in installing plugins, etc. Database volume and… are encountered. But when you use a WordPress host, you will not have such problems. In WordPress special hosts, the volume and bandwidth are more than normal hosts. Also, a series of modules are used to optimize WordPress websites.

    In general, hosting for WordPress is not a strange thing! Our site is not hosted on WordPress and we don’t have any problems. But if your site is WordPress, it is better to use WordPress hosting. Because it is optimized for your website anyway, which makes it effective in increasing the speed and power of your site. Remember that the most important thing in online business is that the foundation of your site is strong, otherwise you have to wait for the next problems.

    What is the main difference between WordPress and Linux hosting?
    The main difference between special WordPress hosts and regular hosts is in allocating more resources and how to configure the server, specifically for WordPress sites. But in general, the differences between normal Linux hosts and WordPress hosts can be summarized in these cases:

    The specificity of the server configuration of WordPress hosts compared to Linux hosts
    Providing more resources in WordPress hosting than Linux hosting
    Using stronger hardware in WordPress hosts
    Using modules for WordPress sites
    Faster upgrade of server hardware in WordPress hosts
    Using new technologies to optimize site speed in WordPress hosts
    Providing easy management packages for WordPress sites
    Full compatibility with WordPress plugins in WordPress hosting

    How to choose the best hosting for WordPress?
    If your website is WordPress and you need WordPress hosting, you are definitely looking to choose the best WordPress hosting. Maybe it is a bit difficult for you to choose the best WordPress hosting among many companies that offer WordPress hosting. In this section, I am going to tell you the criteria for choosing the best hosting for WordPress. Remember to check these things before choosing a company to host your website.

    The best WordPress hosting has high security
    The most important factor that you should consider when choosing the best WordPress hosting is security. Because WordPress is an open source site builder and thousands of people work on its development every day, its security is reduced. For example, many WordPress plugins have security bugs and WordPress sites can be easily hacked. That’s why you should choose a hosting to buy WordPress hosting that has high security.

    The best WordPress hosting has high uptime
    Uptime means that the host is always available. This means that your site will always load without any problems for your users. Having a high uptime is very important. Both in attracting customers and the convenience of site users and in SEO! Many companies guarantee uptime of 99.99%, but usually the uptime of WordPress hosts should not be less than 99.5%.

    The best WordPress hosting has a high loading speed
    Site speed is the most important criterion in choosing the best hosting for WordPress. You should choose a host that gives your site a high loading speed. From hardware equipment such as hard drives to plugins to increase the loading speed of site pages, it must be present on the host you want. To make sure of this, the best way is to check a number of sites hosted on the hosting of your choice on the GT Metrics site to find out their loading speed.

    Daily backup on a regular basis
    At any moment, for any reason, there may be a problem with your website! The best and easiest way to solve the problem is to use the backup of the previous days and restore the site to the previous day or so

    Professional and always responsive support team
    Support is important and vital in the use of any product and service. In WordPress sites, due to the special conditions, an expert force should be used for support. In fact, WordPress hosting support is slightly different from regular hosting. Try to get your WordPress hosting from a company that has a professional and expert support team.

    Check out previous customer reviews!
    Apart from all the factors that I have talked about so far, the most important factor in choosing the best WordPress hosting is the opinions of satisfied customers. Before you buy the WordPress hosting you want, it is better to check the opinions of previous customers. See what sites are hosted on the servers of the company in question. Check them in terms of speed, uptime, etc. to find out the quality of the hosting you want.

    The best WordPress hosting companies in Iran
    The best WordPress hosting provider

    Now it’s time to compare WordPress hosts in Iran. Many hosting companies in Iran offer WordPress hosting, but I have already selected 5 WordPress hosting providers that are the best to introduce to you along with their advantages and disadvantages. So if you are looking for the best WordPress hosting, stay with me.

    It is lemons
    WordPress hosting is Lemons

    One of the best WordPress hosts in Iran is Limos Host. This reputable and popular brand has become popular in Iran due to its expertise in providing WordPress hosting. In addition to providing professional WordPress hosting, Limohost also offers hosting for the WooCommerce online store. The most important advantage of Limohast over its competitors is its 30-day money back guarantee.

    My curiosity about this hosting led me to know how this company has become famous in Iran so quickly, until I came to these 5 things:

    High speed and uptime
    The most important reason for the satisfaction of users who migrated to this hosting is speed. According to the analysis, the factors of this speed are 100% uptime, resource management and professional architecture in Limohost.

    Providing high security on websites
    Having the original license of the Imunify360 security solution and traffic scrubbing filters, Limohost is able to neutralize attacks before they occur. Keeping a copy of the client’s site in HotSite, constant monitoring, etc. gives this brand a high security rating.

    Super professional customer service and support
    The results of the surveys indicate high standards of lemon support. All subscribers have the possibility to call, chat and send a ticket to the specialist, with an average response time of 5 minutes.

    Powerful hardware and software resources
    One of the reasons for the success of Lemons is the use of powerful hardware and up-to-date and original software. The summary of the hardware list of this brand is as follows:

    Intel® Xeon® W-2145 Octa-Core Skylake W

    CPU-B: 19707

    RAM: 256 GB DDR4 ECC

    Drives: 14x 16 TB Enterprise HDD 7200 rpm, 2 x 3.84 TB Datacenter NVMe SSD

    The cost of buying hosts is lemons
    The intelligent design of the plans has given the power of choice based on the needs to the websites. For example, to buy Limohost WordPress hosting, there are several hosting plans in front of you so that you can choose the most suitable one based on the type and size of your site.

    This design makes a large store site experience the same speed as a low-visit website by purchasing WooCommerce store builder web hosting on the store site.

    Overall, the cost of hosting Lemonhost is fair. That is, Limohost WordPress hosting for a personal site and the cost of buying a professional WooCommerce hosting Limohost for a brand are both suitable.

    The benefits of lemons are:

    Unlimited bandwidth
    24 hour support
    Web hosting in Iran and abroad
    100% uptime
    Providing high-speed WordPress WordPress hosting service
    Offering a special WooCommerce hosting service
    Optimizing the speed of hosting subscribers is specific to WordPress
    Direct Admin and CPanel control panels
    Economical Linux hosting
    Automatic daily and weekly backup
    Free SSL certificate
    Money back guarantee up to 30 days

    Disadvantages of lemons:

    Failure to provide a virtual server despite high demand
    Simple and normal user panel
    Not providing Python web hosting

    In my opinion, Limohost is the best WordPress hosting provider in Iran. I personally tested it and I know about the high quality of its services. If you are looking for the best WordPress hosting with high security and quality, I suggest you use Lemonhost.


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